2.1.2. SDRAM

The IM-LT3 has a socket for an SDRAM DIMM.

Fitting an SDRAM DIMM

You must fit the following type of SDRAM:

  • PC66, PC100, or PC133- compliant 168-pin DIMM

  • unbuffered

  • 3.3V

  • 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB or 256MB.

To install an SDRAM DIMM:

  1. Ensure that the IM-LT3 is powered down.

  2. Open the SDRAM retaining latches outwards.

  3. Press the SDRAM DIMM into the edge connector until the retaining latches click into place.


The DIMM edge connector has polarizing notches to ensure that it is correctly oriented in the socket.

Using the IM-LT3 without SDRAM

You can operate the IM-LT3 without an SDRAM module because it has 2MB of SSRAM permanently fitted.


If you are using the RVD debugger, you must change the top_of_memory internal variable to match the installed memory. For further information about ARM debugger internal variables, refer to the RealView Debugger User Guide.

If you are using AXD, refer to the AXD and armsd Debuggers Guide for details on using the debugger.

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