11.1.6. Projects in workspaces

RealView Debugger saves a project load list when the current workspace closes. This is a list of open projects maintained when RealView Debugger starts with this workspace or when you open this workspace in a session. This list includes user-defined projects and any auto-projects where you have saved the settings.

Where you are using a project load list, you must be aware of the following when the workspace opens:

If you are already running a debugging session and you open a new workspace, the project environment might change depending on the project load list (if any). RealView Debugger forces the project binding as defined in the workspace even if this means unbinding open projects. This is true even if the open projects include an autobound project, that is a project where you have defined a Specific_device setting.

If the workspace opens with no saved binding details, the current project environment does not change. This is true even if the project load list contains a project where you have defined a Specific_device setting.


There is no warning when the project environment changes as a result of opening a workspace into a debugging session.

If you are working with multiple projects, the workspace restores the project environment based on:

See Chapter 12 Managing Projects for full details on working with projects and project binding.

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