5.1.1. Breakpoint types

RealView Debugger enables you to use different types of breakpoint. What is available depends on the:

In RealView Debugger there are two types of breakpoint:


Simple breakpoints enable you to test address-specific data values. These breakpoints can be either hardware or software breakpoints.

When debugging code in ROM, RealView Debugger implements a simple hardware breakpoint by default. However, this depends on the hardware characteristics of your target processor.

Simple breakpoints are supported by all ARM® processors.


Complex breakpoints use advanced hardware support on your target processor, or as implemented by your simulator software. Where supported by your debug target, complex breakpoints might be data-dependent or take advantage of range functionality, for example two breakpoints can be coupled together.

Check your hardware characteristics, and your vendor-supplied documentation, to determine the level of support for complex breakpoints (see Viewing your hardware characteristics for details).

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