17.4.2. Configuring a memory map

If you want to set up a memory map that is used automatically when you connect to a target processor, you must configure this in your board file. The memory definition is contained in the Advanced_Information group for the target processor. To do this:

  1. Ensure that RealView Debugger is not connected to a target.

  2. Expand the following entries in turn:


    2. Advanced_Information

    3. Default

    4. Memory_block

  3. Right-click on the Default entry, under Memory_block, to display the context menu, shown in Figure 17.13.

    Figure 17.13. The default Memory_block settings for ARMulator

    The default Memory_block settings for ARMulator
  4. Select Make Copy... to describe the memory map for the chosen target. Give this entry a suitable name, for example SSRAM, and click Create.

  5. Click on the new SSRAM entry in the left pane to display it in the right pane.

  6. Set the value of Start, in the right pane, to 0x0.

  7. Set the value of Length to 0x20000.

  8. Set the value of Description to Static RAM as shown in Figure 17.14.

    Figure 17.14. Viewing the contents of the new group

    Viewing the contents of the new group
  9. Select File → Save and Close to save the new settings and close the window.

  10. Connect to your target.

  11. Select View → Pane Views → Memory Map to view the new memory map before loading an image, shown in Figure 17.15.

    Figure 17.15. New memory map in the Process Control pane

    New memory map in the Process Control pane
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