18.2. Configuring the target

RealView ICE Micro Edition (RVI-ME) direct connect is an OCD-based emulator. Information might be supplied by the manufacturer or might be configured after installation. Changes to the RVI-ME configuration are made using the RVConfig dialog box.

To access the RVConfig dialog box for a RVI-ME direct connect connection:

  1. Start RealView Debugger without connecting to a target.

  2. Display the Connection Control window.

  3. Right-click on the chosen entry in the Connection Control window to display the context menu. See The target menu for details.

  4. Select Connection Properties... to display the Connection Properties window. Right-click on the required .jtg file and select Edit Configuration-File Contents... from the context menu, shown in Figure 18.4.

    Figure 18.4. Editing the configuration file in the Connection Properties window

    Editing the configuration file in the Connection Properties window

This displays the RVConfig dialog box where you can configure your RVI-ME target. See the RealView ICE Micro Edition v1.1 User Guide for details on how to use the RVConfig dialog box.

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