9.6.1. Viewing details of a class

Colored icons are used to identify different components within a class:

Filled stack + arrow

This magenta icon indicates a function which is a declared member of the parent class.

Filled stack

The magenta filled stack indicates that a member function of the parent class is both declared and defined. These members are real in that they are called during execution.

Hollow stack

Where magenta stacks are hollow, they indicate that a member function of the parent class is declared but not defined. These members are virtual in that they are not called during execution.

Filled block

The filled blue block indicates a data object that is manipulated by a class function using operators, or methods, defined in the class.

Right-click on a chosen class to display the Class menu. This contains:

Find Class Definition...

Displays the Find in Files dialog box where you can specify the class details and so locate the definition in your source code.

Use this dialog box to locate class definitions when these are not provided by the compiler.

See Chapter 14 Searching and Replacing Text for details on using the Find in Files dialog box.


Displays a text description of the item under the cursor.

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