4.5.2. Searching for source files

By default RealView Debugger searches for application source file paths according to information contained in the image. If no paths are provided in the program image file, RealView Debugger looks in the current working directory for the source file or files.

If the default search pattern fails, RealView Debugger uses the stored search paths.

From the Code window, select Debug → Set Source Search Path... to display the Source Search Paths dialog box, shown in Figure 4.5, where you can specify the search paths.

Figure 4.5. Source Search Paths dialog box

Source Search Paths dialog box

On first opening, this dialog shows any paths already set by the RVDEBUG environment variable. Use the directory button to locate directories where source files are stored and add their pathnames to the list.

Where a path is checked, it is included in any search. If you use the directory button to add a pathname to the list, it is automatically checked for inclusion. To exclude a pathname from the search, click on it so it is unselected.


If you have used your project to store search paths, these are displayed in the Source Search Paths dialog box, and override any paths defined by the RVDEBUG environment variable.

Use the controls to manage pathnames:


Adds the pathname specified in the data entry field, at the top of the dialog box, to the list. A pathname added to the list in this way is automatically checked, that is it is included in the search.

Any new files that you add to the list in the dialog box are not saved when the current session ends.


Deletes checked entries from the displayed list.


With a pathname entered into the data entry field and a single pathname checked, use this button to replace the checked item with the chosen pathname. A pathname replaced in this way is not automatically checked. Select the entry so that it is included in the search. You can only replace one item at a time in the list.


Enables all the items in the pathname list so that every item is checked.


Disables all items in the pathname list so that every item is unselected.

With the required search paths set up, click OK to confirm your choice and close the dialog box. Pathnames that are checked reappear when the dialog box is next displayed in this session.

Click Cancel to abort any changes to the specified paths and close the dialog box.

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