9.5.1. Specifying a list

To specify the search:


With this selected, the list entries are created using the default search mechanism for variable names. Enter a partial name to move the highlight to the first matching occurrence. The search is case insensitive.


Use a filter to limit the search to find only those symbols that match certain criteria, see Applying a filter for details.

Text entry field

Enter here the filter to be used in the search and then press Enter. The filter enables you to search using UNIX rules as with ls. You can enter a list of search rules by combining different operators, see Applying a filter for details of how to apply a search filter.


Select this check box to order the display list in alphabetical order by name. The sort is case sensitive, that is uppercase and lowercase are treated as identical. This check box is unselected by default.

If you change the default search entry to Filter and then enter a filter to set the display criteria, these settings are maintained when you close, or cancel, the browser.

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