4.1. Submitting commands

You can submit commands to RealView® Debugger to control debugging behavior in several ways, for example by choosing from the Debug menu, or by clicking on a control on the Actions toolbar, or by typing a command-line instruction at the prompt.

If an application is currently executing, RealView Debugger uses a command queue to handle those commands that cannot be executed immediately. Through this mechanism, commands build up on the queue and are then executed when resources become available. Commands are never executed out of order.

If a command is currently executing and you request another action, the new command is added to the queue and pends until it can be executed. A warning message is displayed, in the Output pane, to explain what is happening to the new command, for example:

> go
Command pended until execution stops. Use 'Cancel' to purge.

If the application is still running, any further commands are then added to the queue behind this pending command.

The following notes apply to the command queue:

Click the Cancel button on the Actions toolbar to clear, or purge, the most recent pending command.

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