9.3.3. Viewing details of a function

Highlight a function in the display list. The Function List dialog box contains controls to display more details of this function or to perform specific debugging activities:


Displays the memory address in hexadecimal and assembly code in the Dsm tab starting at the specified memory location.


Displays the source code in the corresponding Src tab beginning at the specified line number or procedure name.


Sets a software breakpoint at the specified function, defined as a location in the image.


Sets a temporary breakpoint at the specified function. The program then executes from the current position of the PC. When execution reaches the breakpoint it stops.

The temporary breakpoint exists only for the duration of this run and so is not shown in the Break/Tracepoints pane. Similarly, there is no red breakpoint marker shown in the source file. If the program stops before it reaches the temporary breakpoint, you must reinstate it before restarting the run.


Displays type information for the selected function. This information is displayed in a style similar to the source language.


Submits a CEXPRESSION command to calculate the value of a given expression by calling the specified target function.

The function is converted into a debugger call macro, and strings and arrays passed to the target function are copied onto a stack maintained by RealView Debugger. A function called in this way behaves as though it had been called from your program.


Target calls are not supported by all debug environments.

Results are displayed in either floating-point format, address format, or in decimal, hexadecimal, or ASCII format depending on the type of variables used in the expression.


Submits a SETREG command to change the contents of a specified register identified by @ followed by the register name.

The Code window scrolls to the specified function and the red box shows the location of the PC.

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