3.1. Loading images

If you have started RealView® Debugger, as described in Chapter 1 Starting to use RealView Debugger, you can begin to use many features of RealView Debugger, for example editing source code and building projects. However, to begin debugging images you must connect to a suitably configured debug target.

RealView Debugger uses a board file to access information about the debugging environment and the debug targets available to you, for example how memory is mapped.

You can start to use RealView Debugger with the default board file installed as part of the root installation without making any further changes.

Select File → Connection → Connect to Target... from the main menu to display the Connection Control window to make your connection.

If you have started RealView Debugger and connected to a debug target, you can load an image to begin your debugging session. This section describes different ways to load an image to your debug target and how to monitor the loading operation:

The examples in this section assume that you are using a Typical installation and that the software has been installed in the default location. If you have changed these defaults, or set the environment variable RVDEBUG_INSTALL, your installation might differ from that described here.

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