9.7. Other routes to the browsers

You can access cut-down browsers from other routes when working with RealView Debugger. These alternative access paths enable you to use the browsers to select a program structure for setting watches to monitor changes in contents of specific locations.

To view a browser this way:

  1. Select View → Pane Views → Watch to display the Watch pane.

  2. Click on the Pane menu.

  3. Select Enter New Expression... to display the expression prompt box.

  4. Click on the drop-down arrow to display the options list.

  5. Select the required browser, for example <Variable list...>.

    Because the browser is used only to make a selection, there are no controls for debugging operations such as PrintType, Break, or Info.

  6. Highlight your choice in the browser display list, and click Select.

    This closes the browser and enters the chosen expression into the data field

  7. Click Set to confirm this choice and close the prompt box.

Other dialog boxes include a drop-down arrow that enables you set the required expression using different browsers, for example click the Pane menu from the Memory pane to choose the option Set New Start Address....

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