11.1.5. Closing workspaces

You can explicitly close your current workspace, either:

If you close your current workspace, the following applies:

Closing objects

If you close a workspace, RealView Debugger enables you to close any open objects. This might be useful to restore a clean desktop for the session, or before you open a new workspace.

After the current workspace closes, RealView Debugger displays a list selection box where you can specify which open objects you want to close, shown in Figure 11.1.


The Close Open Objects selection box is not displayed if there are no open objects.

Figure 11.1. Close Open Objects selection box

Close Open Objects selection box

The display list shows the open objects, that is:

  • the connection to the debug target

  • any windows open in addition to the default Code window

  • open projects including user-defined projects and auto-projects (see Projects in workspaces for details).

Each entry has an associated check box that is ticked by default. Select the check box to unselect objects. The list selection box contains the controls:


Click this button to close selected objects and then close the selection box.


Click this button to ignore the status of any check boxes in the list and close the selection box. Use Cancel to maintain all open objects.


Click this button to display the online help.

You can use the Close icon to close the selection box. This is the same as clicking Cancel.

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