14.6.2. Changing your workspace settings

You can change search defaults by changing the Search controls in your current workspace or in your global configuration file. Make changes here so that these settings are used the next time RealView Debugger starts up.

If you are working with a workspace, select Tools → Workspace Options... to make these changes. If you are working without a workspace, select Tools → Options... to make these changes to your global configuration file so that they are available in future debugging sessions.

Table 14.2 describes Search settings that you can change.

Table 14.2. Search settings in workspace




The direction followed by a search. The default is to search forwards, that is from the top to the bottom of the file. To change this, set to backwards.


The default is to wrap during a search, that is to search to the end of the file and then to start again at the top until the starting point is reached. To change this, set to stop.


This determines whether uppercase and lowercase are treated as identical in searches. The default is case sensitive. To change this, set to insens.


When set to T, or True, full grep-style regular expressions are used in searches. The default is False, that is not enabled. When working in vi command mode, regular expressions are enabled by default.


When a search fails to find a match, the File Editor can display an information box or flash the File Editor pane. Set to dialog by default, you can change this to flash. When working in vi mode, failing to find a match displays a message in the vi command line.

For full details on changing your workspace settings to define search controls, see Chapter 11 Configuring Workspace Settings.

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