3.5.2. Unloading an image

You do not have to unload an image from a debug target before loading a new image for execution. To load over an existing image, ensure that the Replace Existing File(s) check box is checked on the Load File to Target dialog box, shown in Figure 3.1. This automatically removes all details about the first image from RealView Debugger.

Use the Process Control pane if you do want to unload an image explicitly:

  1. Right-click on the Image entry to display the Image context menu.

  2. Select Unload from the available options.

This is the same as clicking on the Load check box to unload the image.

If there are any source file tabs currently displayed in the File Editor pane, the Src tab is brought to the top automatically when you unload because there is no known context. The open files remain available for further editing.

Unloading an image does not affect target memory. It unloads the symbol table and removes debug information from RealView Debugger. However, the image name is retained for reloading and the associated auto-project, or user-defined project used to load the image, is maintained.


Unloading an image does not close the in-memory auto-project, associated with the image, or save any changes to the auto-project. This enables you to modify these settings, and save, ready for the next time you load (or reload) this image. However, if you close the auto-project explicitly, RealView Debugger performs an image unload.

Deleting image details

To remove all details about an image after you have unloaded it, right-click on the Image entry in the Process Control pane and select Delete Entry from the context menu. If there is an auto-project associated with the image, this closes. If you opened a user-defined project to load the image, this does not close.

Disconnecting with an image loaded

If you disconnect with an image loaded, this removes debug information from RealView Debugger and so clears pane contents from your Code window. This does not close the user-defined project used to load the image, or any auto-project associated with the image. You can reload the image if you reconnect.

However, if you close the project explicitly, all image details have been removed, and you have to load the image again after you reconnect.

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