11.2.4. Groups and settings

Workspace settings, in the left pane, are grouped according to their function:

Workspace file

This is the current workspace settings file. Click on this entry to see the full pathname in the Description field.

Global configuration file

This is the global configuration file, rvdebug.ini, included in the current workspace.

You can set up DEBUGGER, CODE, or ALL groups in your workspace settings file or in your global configuration file. RealView Debugger issues a warning if conflicts are detected when the workspace opens and uses settings from the new workspace file.


These settings govern the behavior of generic actions in RealView Debugger. These controls are used in conjunction with other processor-specific controls.


These settings govern the behavior of all Code windows. They control the display characteristics of windows, including size and position, and any user-defined buttons created on the toolbars (not available in this release).


These settings govern the behavior of the editor, the editor display, and access to source code. The settings in the ALL group are used in conjunction with the settings in the DEBUGGER group and the CODE group and might be overridden by settings in either of these two groups.


This specifies a project load list, that is a project, or projects, opened when RealView Debugger starts with this workspace or when you open this workspace in a session. This list includes user-defined projects and any auto-projects where you have saved the settings.

This group is created automatically when RealView Debugger closes down with open projects, or if you close the current workspace.


This is a special group of windows internals maintained by RealView Debugger. An entry is created for each open window. Entries cannot be edited.

You must not delete these entries.


When you close down, you have the option to save connection details so that the same connections are used when RealView Debugger starts up with the same workspace.

This is a special group, to specify the connection maintained by RealView Debugger. Entries cannot be edited.

You must not delete these entries.

For a full description of all the workspace settings you can change see Appendix A Workspace Settings Reference.

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