7.1.4. Semihosting

Semihosting enables code running on an ARM architecture-based target to use facilities on a host computer that is running RealView Debugger. Examples of such facilities include the keyboard input, screen output, and disk I/O.

In semihosting the target processor enters debug state while the semihosting operation is performed. The Debug tab of the Register pane displays other variables, shown in Figure 7.3.

Figure 7.3. Internal variables for an ARM7TDMI using RealView ICE Micro Edition

Internal variables for an ARM7TDMI using RealView ICE Micro Edition

Specify semihosting by setting the variable Semihosting_Enabled to TRUE, as shown in Figure 7.3. This means that the semihosting software interrupt handler is installed in memory at the address specified by the semihost_dcchndlr_addr variable. It is essential that a region of memory starting at this address is available in target memory and is unused. The default address stored in this variable is 0x70000. You might have to change this to a lower value to suit the target memory.

For full details on semihosting with RealView ICE Micro Edition, see the RealView ICE Micro Edition v1.1 User Guide.

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