13.5.2. Using Editing Controls

Select Edit → Editing Controls from the Code window main menu to change editor settings for the current session.

Table 13.3 describes the options available from this menu.

Table 13.3. Editing Controls 



Show Line Numbers

Defines whether line numbers are automatically displayed during editing. If enabled, lines are reordered as new lines are added or deleted.

Use Original Line Numbers

If selected, and line numbers have been enabled (see above) line numbers are not changed as a file is edited. So, if new lines are added they have no numbers, and if lines are deleted there are gaps in the source file.

Reset Original Line Numbers

If selected this option immediately resets line numbering to take account of line inserts and deletes.

Tab Size...

Sets the size of tab stops when editing source code. The default is 8 characters. The maximum value accepted is 16.

Shift Width...

Sets the number of characters by which text lines are shifted when formatting.

Auto Indent

Specify auto-indent for a new line when entering source code.

VI mode

Switches to vi mode for editing source code files.

Text Coloring

Defines whether text coloring is enabled for source code.

Tooltip Evaluation

Defines whether tooltip evaluation of variables and registers is enabled.


If you open a new Code window, RealView Debugger uses editor settings as defined by the current workspace, or the global configuration file if you are working without a workspace. Any changes that you make to these settings in the calling window do not, therefore, persist to the new window.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Tab Size

  • Shift Width

  • Text coloring.

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