7.3.2. Formatting options

You can change the way stack contents are displayed, and set the start address, using the Pane menu. This menu provides options enabling you to manage stack contents display during your debugging session, to change the display format, and to extract data from the pane for use in other panes or windows. Highlight an entry in the display and then choose from the list of available options:


Copies the chosen entry from the list to the clipboard.

Previous Start Address

Enables you to use the previous starting address for the display of memory contents.

Signed Decimal

Displays the memory contents as negative or positive values where the maximum absolute value is half the maximum unsigned decimal value.

Unsigned Decimal

Displays the memory contents from 0 up to the highest value that can be stored in the number of bits available.


Displays memory contents as hexadecimal numbers.

Hex, leading Zeroes

Displays memory values in hexadecimal format including leading zeroes.

This is the default display format for data values in this pane.


Adds another column to the Stack pane, on the right hand side, to show the ASCII value of the memory contents.

ASCII format displays column values as characters. The ASCII format is useful if, for example, you are examining the copying of strings and character arrays by transfer in and out of registers.

Any nonprintable value is represented by a period (.).

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