18.1.1. Enabling or disabling a board file entry

To disable a board file entry so that the target it represents is no longer offered for selection in the Connection Control window:

  1. Start RealView Debugger without connecting to a target.

  2. Select File → Connection → Connection Properties... to display the Connection Properties window.

    Enabled entries in the left pane are displayed in regular type, and those that are disabled are grayed out.

  3. Select the CONNECTION=RVI-ME entry.

    The contents are displayed in the right pane, shown in Figure 18.2.

    Figure 18.2.  Enabling or disabling a board file entry

    Enabling or disabling a board file entry
  4. Click on the Disabled entry, in the right pane, and select True from the menu.

  5. Select File → Save and Close to save the changes to your board file and close the Connection Properties window.

  6. Display the Connection Control window where this entry is no longer available.

You enable disabled board file entries in the same way.

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