12.4.2. Generated makefiles

Project makefiles are generated when you do any of the following:

You can also force makefiles to be regenerated by deleting them from the project base directory and then rebuilding the image. Where appropriate, RealView Debugger generates a makefile for each build target configuration in your project (see Managing build target configurations).

RealView Debugger displays the details of the makefile generation process in the Build tab of the Output pane.

Viewing the makefile

You can view the makefile that is generated using RealView Debugger in several ways:

  • Select File → Open... from the default Code window main menu. This displays the Select File to Open dialog box, where you can locate the makefile and open it in the File Editor pane for viewing.

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the project base directory. Drag the makefile and drop it into the File Editor pane where it opens for viewing.

  • Start up a text editor of your choice and then open the makefile for viewing.

Do not make any changes to the generated makefiles as these are overridden when the files are next generated. It is recommended that you always use the Project Properties window to set up your preferences. However, you can also edit the template file, for example gen_arx.mk for building with RealView Compilation Tools.

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