12.1.6. Project properties

The Project Properties window enables you to view the project settings for user-defined projects or auto-projects. You can use this to change user-defined project options as build configurations change, or to build an executable image without having to manually edit any files used by RealView Debugger. You are recommended to use this interface because this populates the interrelated files that control the build process and constructs the required makefiles.

However, you can choose not to use this interface and to set up your own commands and scripts if required.

If you are using an auto-project, you can use this interface to define image load options that are stored with the current image and used the next time the image is loaded.

See Managing project properties and Configuring project properties for details on how to manage and configure project properties.

For a full description of all project properties and available settings, see Appendix B Project Properties Reference.

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