12.1.9. Project binding

When you create a user-defined project, you define a toolchain associated with the target application, for example ARM-C2. If you are connected to a target and you open this project, RealView Debugger tries to bind the project to the connection using this default binding. If successful, the project name is enclosed in round brackets in the default Code window title bar. The Process Control pane (if visible) is updated to show details of the current process and enables you to access the project properties.

If you open a project and there is no connection to bind to, the project is unbound. In this case, the project name is enclosed in angled brackets when it is displayed in the Code window title bar. Although, it is not visible in the Process Control pane, you can still access the project properties from the Project menu.

A connection can only have one project bind to it at any one time. If you open a project with a project already bound to your connection, RealView Debugger asks for confirmation to use default binding to bind the new project.

When a project binds to the connection selected actions can be carried out on the connection, for example image loading actions, or RealView Debugger can execute commands saved in the project settings file.

When you are working with multiple projects, binding enables you to access your image details, view the project properties, and make changes to the project quickly.

When you load an image directly to a target, the auto-project (associated with the image) binds to the connection by default.

You can change binding manually using the Project Control dialog box, see Using the Project Control dialog box for details.

See Project binding for full details on project binding.


You can define how RealView Debugger binds a project using autobinding. You can specify exactly the processor to bind to and so restrict your project to a specified debug target. Autobound projects take precedence when RealView Debugger tries to bind, depending on the project environment. See Autobinding for full details.

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