B.10.1. Using your own make command

In a simple project, the default build rule is to run make. For a Custom project, you can run make or another build tool.

By default, the project toolchain defines the location of the make command if you do not specify your own command.

Your make command can include controls that are expanded by RealView Debugger. You can use this setting to create any command line you require.

Specify each control character as $ followed by a letter as in:

make -f $f $a $e $t $p



Is the name of the makefile from the Makefile setting.


Is the arguments list from the Arguments setting.


Depends on the action you select on the Tools menu:


If you select Tools → Build...


If you select Tools → Rebuild All (Clean+Build)


If you select Tools → Clean (remove objects)


If you select Tools → Build This File. This might include a path name that is relative to the project directory.


Is the target filename that is built, or cleaned and built from the Application setting.


Is the project directory. This is the directory you specified when you created the project.

If the Command setting is empty then the command defaults to make -f $f $a $e.


To successfully build your Custom project, remove the $e control character, and use your own arguments as required.

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