12.8.10. Using MS-DOS applications

When running older 16-bit tools, you might see a range of symptoms during different stages of a build. For example slow echoing of keystrokes, disk access errors, or rogue Windoldapp tasks left in the system. You can set up RealView Debugger to support these older tools that use extended memory, and run your old tools in a DOS dialog box.


Do not set this option for new 32-bit applications because this severely impacts performance.

To change this behavior:

  1. Select Project → Build-Tool Properties to display the Build-Tool Properties window.

  2. Select the *PROC= group corresponding to your build tools in the List of Entries pane. For example, *PROC=ARM_C2.

  3. Right-click on the Dos_app setting in the Settings Values pane, and select True from the context menu.

  4. Select File → Save and Close to regenerate the makefile(s) for the project, and close the Build-Tool Properties window.

  5. Click OK at the prompt to regenerate the project because of the change to the toolchain.

  6. Select Tools → Build... to rebuild the application.

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