12.4.3. Project properties

When you first create a project, RealView Debugger creates the project settings file and completes the entries to provide the project definition. RealView Debugger dynamically updates this file as you amend the project properties.

The name of the project settings file is defined by the project name and this is stored in the project base directory specified when you created the project. In general, the project settings file remains in this location. However, RealView Debugger uses relative pathnames so you can change the base directory for the project if required.

By default, the executable built by the project also uses the project name as the image name, for example dhrystone.axf. Although your project filename can be different from your image name, it might be advantageous to use the same name for your project settings file as your image name when developing your applications.

To view project properties for the active project dhrystone.prj, select Project → Project Properties... from the default Code window main menu. This displays the Project Properties window.

See Managing project properties for details on entries in the Project Properties window.

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