12.9.1. About build target configurations

A user-defined project defines at least one build target configuration, for example a Debug build or a Release build. For ARM architecture-based projects, RealView Debugger defines three build target configurations:

See Build target configurations for a description of these configurations.

You can define a specific build order for the build target configurations in a project. Build target configurations can share files in the same project, while using their own build settings. The Project Properties window in RealView Debugger enables you to define and set up such relationships.

Each build target configuration has a corresponding directory where the built files are placed. The directories have the same name as the build target configuration, and are subdirectories of your top-level project base directory.

Viewing the build target configurations

For a given project, each COMPILE, ASSEMBLE, and CUSTOM group contains special child groups corresponding to the build target configurations defined in the CONFIGURATION group. In addition, each parent group contains base settings that apply to one or all of the build target configurations listed, shown in Figure 12.12. You can customize your project so that settings apply to all the build target configuration groups or only to specific groups within the parent group.

Figure 12.12. Base settings and build target configurations for a COMPILE group

Figure 12.12 shows the *COMPILE=arm group for the example dhrystone project. This group contains settings that define the build model for the ARM C compiler, that is:

  • Base settings used in one or more build target configurations. If you specify a base setting, this is applied across all the build target configurations in the group.

    You can define specific settings for individual configurations within the group.

  • Build target configuration groups used to hold configuration-specific settings, for example the DebugRel group.

    A special icon identifies these groups because they are internal groups generated by RealView Debugger. If you create additional build target configurations, they appear in this window. See Creating a build target configuration for en example of how to do this.


Build target configurations are also available in the BUILD group of a Standard project, and the BUILD_LIB group of a Library project.

Active build target configuration

If you have more than one build target configuration, you must specify the configuration that RealView Debugger uses when building your application. This is known as the active build target configuration. See Changing the active build target configuration for details on how to change the active build target configuration.

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