12.7.5. Viewing the Configuration Summary

Use the Configuration Summary to see a read-only display of the switches that RealView Debugger is passing to the compilation tools (compiler, assembler, and linker) for each build target configuration in a project. This information is displayed in a tabbed window. When you make a change that affects the switches of a tool, the list of switches in the Configuration Summary window for that tool is updated immediately.

To view the list of switches:

  1. In the Project Properties window, select the group that relates to the tool of interest:

    • select a COMPILE group to view the switches for the compiler

    • select an ASSEMBLE group to view the switches for the assembler

    • select the BUILD group to view the switches for the linker of a Standard project

    • select the BUILD_LIB group to view the switches for the linker of a Library project.

  2. Select View → Configuration Summary to see the Configuration Summary window below the Project Properties window. Figure 12.8 shows an example configuration summary for the ARM C compiler.

    Figure 12.8. Example Configuration Summary window

    Example Configuration Summary window
  3. To view the switches for a specific build target configuration, select the tab for that configuration.

  4. To close the Configuration Summary window, click the X button, shown in the top-right corner of the window in Figure 12.8.


    If you close the Project Properties window when the Configuration Summary window is open, then both windows close. When you next open the Project Properties window then the Configuration Summary window is also displayed.

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