12.5.7. Customizing and building your project

When you close the dialog box for your project type, RealView Debugger:

  1. Creates the .prj file in the specified location.

  2. Opens the project into RealView Debugger.

  3. Binds the project to the connection. If a project is already bound to the connection, RealView Debugger gives you the option to unbind the first project and bind the second. Although it is not necessary, bind the new project to complete the creation procedure.

  4. Updates the default Code window title bar to show the active project.

  5. Displays the Project Properties window for you to customize your project.

    The entries shown in this window depend on the type of project you create.

To complete your new project:

  1. Make any changes you require in the Project Properties window, see Managing project properties for details.

  2. Select File → Save and Close to close the Project Properties window and generate the makefile(s) for the new project.

  3. Select Tools → Build... from the default Code window main menu to build the active project.

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