B.10. MAKEFILE group

The MAKEFILE group, shown in Figure B.10, is preloaded when you create a Custom project.


For an auto-project, these settings are set up for a no-build project. Do not change the settings in this group for an auto-project.

You can create a user-defined project using the image for an auto-project, and choose to merge the auto-project settings into the user-defined project settings. The MAKEFILE group is not merged. For more details, see Merging auto-project settings into a project.

Figure B.10. MAKEFILE group


The MAKEFILE group contains a series of settings that override the default makefile and enable you to use your own.

Table B.47 describes the settings available in the MAKEFILE group.

Table B.47. MAKEFILE group


Specifies the makefile built for the project, if this project contains a makefile.


Defines the target application program built for the project.


Specifies the arguments to pass to the make or other build command.


Specifies the working directory when running your build.


Specifies your own make command that can be make, another build tool, or none if this is a no-build project.

See Using your own make command for more details.

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