12.3.1. Build-Tool Properties

Select Project → Build-Tool Properties... from the default Code window to display the Build-Tool Properties window, shown in Figure 12.2.

Figure 12.2. Build-Tool Properties window

Build-Tool Properties window

The Build-Tool Properties window enables you to view the current build tools and to edit these settings to specify other tools. The entries displayed in this window depend on the type of installation and the licenses that you have.

Genmake location file

The genmake location file, genmake.loc, makes the link between the project properties and the toolchain settings to use. For example, if you specify a particular compiler option, this file ensures that the correct option is used for your toolchain to get the result that you want.

The default file is stored in program_directory\etc. When RealView Debugger runs for the first time, RealView Debugger copies this file into your home directory. From that point on, RealView Debugger automatically looks for this file in your home directory at each start-up. The search expands to other directories if this file is missing. This file is prebuilt with the appropriate entries for using RealView Debugger with your licensed target processor. In the example shown in Figure 12.2, RealView Debugger has automatically located the RealView Compilation Tools v2.0 build tools for ARM architecture-based projects.

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