12.13.2. Active projects

When working with multiple projects, the active project is the project that you can modify or build in RealView Debugger:

You can perform any action on this project. However, you might have to perform actions on other projects that you have open. RealView Debugger enables you to change the project shown in the Code window title bar, so that you can perform actions on a different project. That is, you can make another project the active project. See Changing the active project for more details.

Changing the active project

In Figure 12.13, there are two projects in the open project list. The last project to open is shown at the top of the list and is selected by default. The dhrystone project is bound to the connection, ARM7TDMI_0:ARM-ARM-USB, using default binding.

In this case, dhrystone is the active project because it was the last project to bind successfully to the connection. This means that you can access the project properties from the Project menu or from the Process Control pane, if this is visible.

To change the active project:

  1. Close any open source files in the File Editor pane. This is to ensure that you do not have any files open that are for other projects if you use the Project menu to execute project-level commands, for example adding source files.

  2. Select Project → Project Control... from the default Code window main menu, to display the Project Control dialog box.

  3. Click the check box for the current active project so that it is not checked.

  4. Click the check box for the project that you want to make the active project.

  5. Click Active.

    The project entry is moved to the beginning of the open project list. An asterisk (*) is placed before the project entry to show that the active project has changed from the default.

    The default Code window title bar changes to show the new active project and that the project is unbound.

  6. Click Close to close the Project Control dialog box.


Project binding is not affected when you change the active project in this way

If you select multiple projects from the list and then click an action control, the specified action is carried out on the selected projects in the order they are listed and so, in some cases, the last action completed successfully overwrites all previous actions. For example, if you have three projects open, deselect the first project in the list, select the last two projects, and then click Active. This makes the last selected project the active project, and RealView Debugger moves that project to the top of the list.

Reactivating a project

If you click the Active button again for a project that you have previously set to be the active project, the asterisk is removed from the project name in the Project Control dialog box.

If there is a project already bound to the connection, this project becomes the active project. If there is no project bound to the connection, then the project that you previously made active, remains the active project.

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