12.13.5. Closing projects

When you are working with multiple projects, you can close one or more projects as follows:

  1. Select Project → Close Project to see the open project list.

  2. Select the project(s) that you want to close.

  3. Click OK.

If you close a project that is bound to the connection, RealView Debugger uses the open project list to bind another project to the connection. The normal binding rules apply, see Types of binding for details.

If you close a bound project that is also the active project, RealView Debugger sets the default active project:

If you close an unbound project that is also the active project, then the next project in the open project list becomes the active project by default.


When you close a project that is bound, RealView Debugger executes any close commands specified in the Commands_Open_Close group. See Command_Open_Close group for more details on the available commands.

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