The CONFIGURATION group, shown in Figure B.4, contains settings that enable you to build your application program in different ways. This group defines the target configurations used in the build model. The most common target configurations are a Debug build, with debug information enabled and no code optimization, and a Release build, with less debug info and optimization level 2.

Figure B.4. CONFIGURATION group


This group can also be used to set up different optimization levels, for example a DebugRel configuration with optimization level 1, or multiple variants of your application, for example using different device drivers. See COMPILE group for more details on setting different levels.

After the target configurations are defined, they are used as entries in other group in the properties settings file, for example the COMPILE=arm group.

The fields in this group are preloaded or set by default, but they can be modified as required.

Table B.10 describes the settings available in the CONFIGURATION group.

Table B.10. CONFIGURATION group


Enables you to set up the project target configurations. There must be at least one configuration.

Right-click and select Make New... from the context menu to enter a new target configuration, for example Profiled.

By default, a standard project sets up the Debug, DebugRel, and Release target configurations. The first entry in the list is the configuration built and loaded by default.


Specifies the target configuration to build and load for the project.

Right-click to see the available values as defined by the Config list.


By default, object files and the executable file built by the project are located in a subdirectory of the project base directory. This is given the same name as the target configuration, for example ...\Debug.

Use this setting to change this subdirectory rule. Right-click to see the available values.

If you do not use a subdirectory, all object files for all configurations are saved in the same location and so RealView Debugger assumes that all configurations build the same objects.

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