12.8.6. Changing the location of object files

To change the location of object files built for the project:

  1. Select Project → Project Properties... to display the Project Properties window.

  2. Select the *COMPILE=arm group in the List of Entries pane.

  3. Right-click on the Obj_location setting in the Settings Values pane, and select sub_dir from the options list.

    Making this change means that object files are located in a directory called \objects inside the project base directory.

  4. Right-click on the Obj_sub setting in the Settings Values pane, and select Edit Value from the context menu.

  5. Type test_objects and press Enter to set this new destination location.

  6. Select File → Save and Close to regenerate the makefile(s) for the project, and close the Project Properties window.

  7. Select Tools → Build... to rebuild the application.

  8. Use Windows Explorer to view the newly-built object files in the specified location in the project base directory.

This might be useful if you want to have different output from two projects using the same source files and same base directory. You can specify the location of the object files so that a potentially dangerous mix-up does not happen, for example when building the two applications in sequence. You can also control object files using different CONFIGURATION groups as described in Managing build target configurations.


Be careful here if multiple projects share the same directory or use the same source paths for output files.

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