12.3. Managing your build tools

When you install RealView Debugger for the first time, it determines the location of your build tools to use for all user-defined projects that you create. However, you can override this setting or specify a different tool for selected projects.

Auto-projects do not contain a build model and so make no use of build tools. This section applies to user-defined projects only.


If you have an older version of the ARM build tools, for example ADS v1.2 or RVCT v1.2, you cannot use those build tools with RealView Debugger. You must use the RVCT v2.0 build tools provided with RVDK v1.0.

If you are not using a project but you want to rebuild a particular file, or set of files, RealView Debugger gives you the option to use the default build tools or to specify your own makefile or build script.

The rest of this section describes how to access your build tools:

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