12.8.1. Customizing your project

The rest of this section contains examples of making changes to the example user-defined project dhrystone.prj installed in the examples_directory\dhrystone directory in your root installation. You might want to make a backup of the project base directory before following the examples so that the default files and settings can be restored. The changes described in Specifying breakpoints can also be applied to an auto-project.

These examples assume that you are not connected to a debug target. This means that RealView Debugger does not try to set default binding. See Project binding for more details.


The changes described here conflict with the default build target configurations as specified in the example project. These examples are included only to show how to amend project and build-tool properties.

Before you start

To start working with the example dhrystone project:

  1. Make a copy of the project base directory if necessary.

  2. Start up RealView Debugger.

  3. Select Project → Open Project... from the default Code window main menu.

  4. Locate the project settings file dhrystone.prj and click Open.


If you are using the example dhrystone project, you can still follow the steps for adding sources, but you must then remove the duplicate source files before continuing with the other tasks. See Removing source files from a project.

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