12.10.1. Viewing the Project Control dialog box

Select Project → Project Control... from the default Code window main menu to display the Project Control dialog box shown in Figure 12.13.

Figure 12.13. Project Control dialog box

Project Control dialog box

The Project Control dialog box displays the open project list. When RealView Debugger opens a user-defined project, or an auto-project, it is added to the top of the open project list.

The open project list shows the order in which the projects were opened. If you are not connected when you open projects, the most recent project, the default active project, is at the top of the list. This is selected by default. If you are connected, the projects are in the same order but the last project to open is not necessarily the active project, see Working with multiple projects for details.

Working with multiple projects

If you are connected and you open multiple projects, the open project list shows which project is bound to the connection. In Figure 12.13, there are two projects in the open project list. The last project to open is shown at the top of the list and is selected by default. The dhrystone project is bound to the connection, ARM7TDMI_0:ARM-ARM-USB, using default binding. In this case, dhrystone is the active project because it was the last project to bind successfully to the connection.

The Project Control dialog box enables you to carry out operations on all open projects. In some cases, you can complete actions on several projects, for example building, but other actions can only be carried out on a single project, for example using the Edit button to view the project settings file.

If you select multiple projects from the list and then click an action control, the specified action is carried out on the selected projects in the order they are listed and so, in some cases, the last action completed successfully overwrites all previous actions.

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