12.9.6. Assigning a specific setting to a build target configuration

Each build target configuration can be assigned a different value for a particular setting. For example, you might want to have a different value for the Speed_vs_space setting in each configuration.


For projects that support build target configurations, the context menu for settings in the Settings Values pane includes an option called Move/Copy to Configuration.... This option is valid only for the settings in the COMPILE, ASSEMBLE, CUSTOM, BUILD and BUILD_LIB groups. You must not use this option on settings in the PROJECT and SETTINGS groups.

To assign a specific setting value to a build target configuration:

  1. Select Project → Project Properties... to display the Project Properties window.

  2. Select the group containing the setting to be assigned. For example:

    1. Select the *COMPILE=arm group in the List of Entries pane.

    2. Right-click on the *Optimization group in the Settings Values pane, and select Explore from the context menu.

  3. Modify the setting to be assigned. For example:

    1. Right-click on the Speed_vs_space setting in the Settings Values pane.

    2. Select space from the context menu.


    If you want to copy the setting to more than one build target configuration, you must modify the setting first. Only settings that have been changed from the default can be copied to other configurations.

  4. Right-click on the Speed_vs_space setting, and select Move/Copy to Configuration... from the context menu.

    A list selection box is displayed that shows the actions available. There is a move and copy action for each of your build target configurations.

  5. Select the required action, for example Copy to Debug.

    • If have not modified the setting from the original default value, then the setting is always moved to the build target configuration, even if you choose to copy the setting.

    • If you have modified the setting, then the action you selected is performed.

    In this example, a copy of the setting is assigned to the Debug build target configuration.

  6. Select File → Save and Close to regenerate the makefile(s) for the project, and close the Project Properties window.

  7. Select Tools → Build... to rebuild the application.


This change only applies to this *Optimization group. It does not replicate throughout other groups in the project.

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