12.1.1. What is a project?

A project is the highest level structural element that you can use to organize your source files and determine their output. The project information and settings can be managed by RealView Debugger.

You can:

Types of project

There are two types of project in RealView Debugger:

User-defined projects

Projects that you create and set up. See User-defined projects for more details.


If you have a user-defined project, do not load the image without first opening the project. If you do, RealView Debugger creates an auto-project, and does not load the settings from your project settings file.


Projects that RealView Debugger uses automatically when you load an image directly. RealView Debugger defines project properties based on the image contents. An auto-project is a no-build project because RealView Debugger is unable to determine the build model from the image. See Auto-projects for more details

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