12.9.5. Changing the order of build target configurations

If you work with build target configurations in a particular sequence, you can arrange the settings so they appear in that sequence in the Project Properties window. For example, you might start by building a Debug configuration, then a DebugRel configuration, and finally a Release version.

To change the order of the build target configurations:

  1. Select Project → Project Properties... to display the Project Properties window.

  2. Select the *CONFIGURATION group in the List of Entries pane.

  3. Right-click on any *Config setting in the Settings Values pane, and select Manage List... from the context menu.

    The Settings: List Manager dialog box is displayed.

  4. Select a build target configuration that you want to move, so that the associated tick box is checked.

  5. Click Move Up or Move Down to move the select configuration as required.

    Repeat these steps for each configuration you want to move.

  6. Click OK to confirm the order and close the Settings: List Manager dialog box.

  7. Select File → Save and Close to regenerate the makefile(s) for the project, and close the Project Properties window.

  8. Select Tools → Build... to rebuild the application.

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