12.7.1. Viewing project properties

Use the Project Properties window to view and change the project settings file. This contains the settings values, or rules, that describe a project. In some cases, these values are preset and cannot be changed. In other cases, you can amend the preloaded settings, or define your own values to customize your project.

If an entry has been changed from the default setting, an asterisk (*) is appended to the group name to show that the contents have been updated. You can choose to view only those settings that you have changed from the default. To do this, select View → Show Default Entries to disable the menu option. When the menu option is enabled, all settings are available for viewing.


The settings shown in the Project Properties window vary depending on the type of project. For example, if your project is a Custom project using a custom makefile, the window contains the PROJECT, SETTINGS, and MAKEFILE groups.

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