12.8.17. Specifying linker options and scatter loading

The default output from the ARM linker is a nonrelocatable image where the code starts at 0x8000 and the data section is placed immediately after the code. You can specify exactly where the code and data sections are located by using linker options or a scatter load descriptor file.

To set linker options:

  1. Select Project → Project Properties... to display the Project Properties window.

  2. Right-click on the *BUILD group in the List of Entries pane, and select Expand whole Tree from the context menu.

  3. Select the Link_Advanced group in the List of Entries pane.

  4. Right-click on Scatter_file in the Settings Values pane, and select Edit as Filename from the context menu to locate a previously created scatter file for the project image (see your build tools documentation for details on creating scatter files). Alternatively, specify other linker options as required.

  5. Select File → Save and Close to regenerate the makefile(s) for the project, and close the Project Properties window.

See the RealView Developer Kit v1.0 Linker and Utilities Guide for further details on the ARM linker options.

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