C.3.1. Connections and targets

The board file describes two things about the target hardware:

The target access method description includes the nature and addresses of the hardware interface, for example the port name of the JTAG interface that is connected to the target. This information is described in the Connect_with block of the board file and in the file associated with the Configuration setting.

The RealView Debugger board file group type CONNECTION is normally used to specify target access method connection details (although occasionally, you might use DEVICE instead). Within a specific CONNECTION, one or more BoardChip_name entries are used to associate the connection with a BOARD or CHIP description that defines peripherals and memory maps.

It is recommended that the descriptions of the target are only defined in BOARD or CHIP definitions, and that these descriptions are stored in .bcd files.

Figure C.2. How Components, Boards, and Chips fit together

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