B.3.2. Image_load group

The Image_load group contains commands submitted to RealView Debugger when the project application is loaded to the debug target. Settings in this group override any actual values included in the image.

Table B.5 describes the settings available in the Image_load group.

Table B.5. Image_load group  


Controls actions on a full image download, that is, where you load the image and the symbols, and not a reload.

By default, an image load disables interrupts to enable the application initialization code to establish startup conditions before accepting any interrupts. This can be disabled using this setting.

You can also use this setting to reset the processor immediately following the load.


The PC is normally set on a full download, Image+Symbols, or when loading symbols only. Use this setting to override this default.

You can also define a specific location for the PC on loading the image, using the Default_pc setting.


If no entry point is defined, the PC is set based on the debug target processor. This setting enables you to specify the location of the PC when no starting point is given.


Image loading sets certain registers by default, based on processor settings. This setting enables you to specify other registers, including memory mapping, that are set before loading the image.

Right-click and select Make New... from the context menu to enter a new register setting.

Press Enter to see the new register added at the top of the list. If multiple pathnames are given, select the Manage List... option from the context menu to control how the different paths are accessed.


By default, submitting the RESTART command sets the PC to the entry point of the application.

Some programs cannot be restarted in this way because they use initialized data, so use this setting to submit a reload instead of a RESTART. You can specify that it reloads Data or Code+Data.


Used to reset the debug target processor prior to a restart as specified by the Restart_act setting. This is set to False by default.


By default, RealView Debugger verifies an image load by reading back the four, or eight, bytes marking the beginning and end of each section or 2k download block. Use this setting to make this verification stricter or to disable load verification completely.


When a load verification fails, you can set RealView Debugger either to issue a warning, or for the load to fail.

The default is to fail the load, that is False.

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