B.9.1. Top-level BUILD_LIB group

The BUILD_LIB group, shown in Figure B.9, contains a series of settings that describe project settings for the librarian or archiver. For ARM tools, this is normally the program armar.

Figure B.9. BUILD_LIB group


Table B.42 describes the settings available in the BUILD_LIB group. For information on these settings, see RealView Developer Kit v1.0 Linker and Utilities Guide.

Table B.42. BUILD_LIB group

Namearmar option or description

Defines the name of the target library built for the project.

The specified .a file is located in the project base directory as defined by the default target configuration, unless a path is given.


Defines an object file or files to include in the library that are not included as sources, for example third-party interface modules.


Specifies the command-line arguments to the librarian that are not available through the settings interface.


This sets the option -via to specify a file containing additional arguments.


By default, the project toolchain is used to define the program used as a librarian.

This can be overridden in the PROJECT group using the Tool_directory setting (see Table B.1).

Use this setting to override these other settings for this particular library.


Specifies the makefile built for the project.


Specifies the filename of a makefile template to use when creating the project makefiles. You can use this to customize the heading comments and the variables available to commands in the makefile.

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