B.6.2. Sources group

The Sources group contains a list of the files to be assembled for this group.

Table B.28 describes the settings available in the Sources group. For information on these settings, see RealView Developer Kit v1.0 Assembler Guide.

Table B.28. Sources group


This setting enables you to specify files assembled for this ASSEMBLE group. There is a separate *Files entry for each source file in the project.

This entry must contain only assembler source files, that is, *.asm, *.s, or *.src, or others specified by your assembler.

The first entry in the list is the first file assembled.

Right-click and select Compile File... from the context menu to assemble the chosen file and generate a new object file, if required.

Right-click and select Open File in Code Window... from the context menu to open the chosen file in the default File Editor pane ready for editing.

Right-click and select Exclude this file from Build from the context menu to exclude the chosen file from this build variant. The file can be included again in the same way.

If multiple files are given, you can select the Manage List... option from the context menu to reorder, add or remove entries.

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