B.5.1. Top-level COMPILE group settings

The COMPILE group, shown in Figure B.5, contains settings that enable you to specify compiler options, source files, and other options for the C and C++ compilers you are using.

Figure B.5. Top level COMPILE settings

Top level COMPILE settings

Table B.11 describes the settings available in the COMPILE group.

Table B.11. COMPILE group


Removes or includes a COMPILE group from a build. You can disable the group in one build configuration and enable the group in another build configuration.

Set this to False to add the group into the build. This is the default.

Set this to True to remove the group from the build.


Defines the location for object files relative to sources for this build.

By default, object files are stored in the project base directory, local. However, you can use this setting to store these files in a different location.

This is used in conjunction with the Obj_sub setting.

Specified subdirectories are created automatically if they do not exist.

Right-click to see the available options.


When the Obj_Location setting has been set to sub_dir, then this setting is used to specify the subdirectory to be used.

If the Obj_location setting has been set to sub_dir, but you do not specify the Obj_sub value, the \objects subdirectory is used by default.


Specifies the command-line arguments to the compiler that are not available through the settings interface.


This sets the compiler option -via to specify a file containing additional compiler arguments. For more information see RealView Developer Kit v1.0 Compiler and Libraries Guide.


By default, the project toolchain is used to define the program used as a compiler.

This can be overridden in the PROJECT group using the Tool_directory setting (see Table B.1).

Use this setting to specify a different compiler for the project. This overrides both the project toolchain and the Tool_directory setting.

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