B.1.1. Top-level PROJECT group settings

Table B.1 describes the settings available at the top level of the PROJECT group.

Table B.1. PROJECT group


Specifies a named processor to bind the project to, enabling specific project binding or autobinding.

If set, the project only binds to the named device. If this is not set, the project binds to all processors in the family specified by the Processor setting. Names given for this setting must match device names given in the corresponding RVI-ME configuration. See the RealView ICE Micro Edition v1.1 User Guide for more details.


Is a description of the project. You can also point to a file, for example a ReadMe file, where information is stored.


Specifies the toolchain that the project builds for.

This entry cannot be modified.


Defined when the project is created. It specifies the project type, for example Simple, Makefile, or Container.

This entry cannot be modified.


Defined when the project is created. It is derived from the user ID. This enables the project to be locked by the author.

This entry cannot be modified.


Locking controls access to the project and the sources. Right-click to see the available options:


The project files are not locked.


A version lock means that the source control locks are also imposed on the project. The project is checked into the source control system. If you attempt to change the project, it is checked out for modification. Checkin enables file stamping.


A user lock means that only the author can modify the project


A base directory pathname enables all sources and build files to be relative to the given directory, if within it or in a subdirectory.

Specifying a base directory also enables the source or build tree to be located in a different location than the project file.

If not set, the directory of the project settings file is used as the default base directory for the project.


Specifies the path to the build tools to use with the project.

If not set, the project toolchain is used.

If set, the directory given here is added to your path environment variable before running any tools.


Specifies any environment variables required for the build tools identified in the Tool_directory entry. These are set prior to running any tools.


Specifies the source search paths where these are not supplied by the compiler or assembler for use by RealView Debugger.

Each search path you define is identified by a *Source_search entry.

This is displayed in the Source Search Paths dialog box and overrides any paths set up by the RVDEBUG environment variable.

If multiple pathnames are defined, select the Manage List... option from the context menu to control how the different paths are accessed.

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