B.2. PROJECT group for a Container project

A Container project is defined using a small subset of the settings values described in this chapter. The PROJECT group includes a list of subprojects loaded by the project container. The order of the list defines the order in which RealView Debugger opens the projects (that is, the build order). Therefore, you must specify the Sub project list in the order of dependency.

You can include projects in the subprojects list that are disabled and so are not loaded by the Container project. These projects have an exclamation mark (!) appended at the start of the path name, shown in the example in Figure B.2.

Figure B.2. PROJECT group settings values for a Container project

PROJECT group settings values for a Container project

Right-click on a Sub project setting in the Settings Values pane and select Enable Sub-Project from the context menu to re-enable a subproject.


Container projects can be nested but not recursive, that is a container project can include other container projects but must not include itself. However, the nested container project has no makefile and so any build fails.

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